Plan your own future: Career planning for postdocs

What happens after my PhD? Can a scientific career be planned at all? Or should I aim for a career in business or a non-profit career?
As a trained academic, you have excellent chances to go for a personalized professional career that provides long-term inspiration and satisfaction.
That is exactly why it is so important to plan your career strategically.

Your "Benefit":
This workshop is an aid to consciously plan a career within science or outside, in the free economy or in another professional field.

- The current career path: Scientific success and your personal development
- Professional goals in and outside the academic research.
- What are the requirements in the academic research, in public Services and in companies
- Business relevant competences
- Self-presentation, Talk about your own successes

It is strongly recommended to participate to this workshop and the workshop "Strategic application" (20170205).
Attendees of the workshop "Plan your own future: Career planning for postdocs" (20170204) will admitted with priority to the workshop "Targeted applications and a systematic approach to success" (20170205).

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Veranstaltungsleitung:  Frau Barbara Hoffbauer  
Lebenslauf:  Ausbildung & berufliche Stationen:
After ending her legal studies and having fully qualified as an attorney Barbara Hoffbauer has worked for over 20 years in the Human Resources management of different companies. Postgraduate business studies and qualifications as organization consultant, trainer and coach complement her academic background. Since 2008 she has been CEO of KEPOS GmbH based at Mannheim.

She trains groups in the development of personal career goals and in all phases of the application process. Moreover, she advises experienced scientists at the transition into alternative careers outside academia.  
Zielgruppe:  Postdocs  
Teilnahmezahl:  max. 10 Teilnehmer  
Dauer:  16 Stunden  
Termin:  26.06.2017 08:30 - 16:30  
  27.06.2017 09:00 - 13:00  
Ort:  Campus  
Veranstaltungsnummer:  20170204